Papadum 6 GF

Lentil crisps served with assorted seasonal dips

Paneer Kathi 9.5

 Indian style Tacos, paneer cheese, beetroot, mint yoghurt (Chicken +2.50)

Samosa 16 VG

Handmade crispy pastry filled with potatoes, peas, dried pomegranate & green mango powder

Onion Bhaji 20 GF  

Tasty little sweet red onion fritters with fragrant chickpea flour batter & mint tzatziki

Papdi Chat 20

Motherland’s version of nachos & salsa, a must try for first timers (vegan & GFO available)

Veg Momos 20

Indian style vegetarian dumpling with onion tomato relish and spiced mango chutney

Samosa Chaat 20

Crispy mashed samosa topped up with chickpea salsa and trio sauces (vegan available)

Soy Chilli Cauliflower 21 VG/GF

Cauliflower florets tossed in red bell pepper sauce & scallions with almond flakes

Beetroot Tikki (GF) 21

Beetroot, potato & cheese croquettes with pineapple sauce and coconut chutney.

Beef Pepper Fry 22 GF

Tender beef and vibrant vegetables wok tossed in soy sauce, ginger and garlic

Chicken 65 24 GF

Indo Chinese style chicken, lightly tossed in amazing flavours from both worlds

Prawn Momos 22

Prawn dumpling served with cherry tomato sauce and angel hair chilli

Chicken Nachos 24

Nachos served with succulent tandoori chicken, chilled yoghurt and tangy chutney

Tawa Fry Calamari 25 GF

Crispy calamari sprinkled with gun powder mix and papaya chutney

Tandoori Chicken 26 GF

Babu Ji’s special free range chicken thigh fillets, charred corn with masala butte


Butter Chicken 26 GF

Free range chicken thigh fillets cooked with tomato, cardamom & fenugreek

Chicken Korma 26 GF

Authentic north Indian dish with richness and creamy texture . 

Saag Chicken 26 GF

Clay oven cooked with spinach and mustard leaves gravy

Lamb RoganJosh 26 GF

Roasted lamb in tomato and caramelized onion gravy, cooked with homemade stock

Beef Madras 26 GF

A dark and deeply fragrant dish with a warm and spicy finish

Kerala Fish Curry 26 GF

Our all-time favorite, pan seared Blue grenadier with turmeric & coconut milk

Palak Makhana 23 GF

Very famous festive season spinach curry with lotus seeds and yoghurt cheese cubes

Paneer Makhani 23 GF

Vegetarian version of Butter Chicken, Cottage cheese instead

Dal Makhani 20 GF

Black lentils, ginger, garlic & garam masala, slow cooked for 12 hours

Anjeer ke Kofte 23 (GF)(VEGAN)

Fig and Pomegranate dumplings dunked in creamy Kofta gravy. Nut free

Aloo Baingan 23 GF/VG

Fire charred aubergine, roasted spud mash garnished with pine nuts and raisins

Cauliflower Curry 23 GF/VG

Crispy cauliflower florets cooked in coconut cream, tampered with mustard & chilly

Channa Pumpkin 23 GF/VG

Blue pumpkin chickpea curry with roasted cherry tomatoes, another vegan pleaser

Mix Veg Korma 23 GF/VG

Rich, creamy and flavourful dish comes with garden fresh vegetables



Naan 5.50 ea.

Garlic & Chive, Sesame & Onion Seed, Plain, Butter, Mixed herbs or Chilli

Roti 6 ea.

Plain, Butter, Garlic & Chive, Sesame & Onion Seeds, Chilli or Mixed Herbs

Kashmiri Naan 7

Crispy naan bread stuffed with almonds, cashews, dried fruits, coconut & peanuts

Cheese Naan 8/9/9

Plain I Garlic I Chilli

Gluten Free Naan/Garlic 7/7.50 GF

Quinoa, chickpea and lentil flour with psyllium husk


Rice GF

Premium Aged Basmati Sella Rice.

cumin 7

saffron 8

coconut  8  

Raita 6 GF

Indian tzatziki

Garden Mix Salad 7 GF

Indian twist on Greek salad

Roasted Pumpkin 8 GF

Ricotta, wild pepper, pumpkin seeds & sprinkled jaggery

Onion Salad 6 GF

Adds an extra zing to your meal


15% SURCHARGE PUBLIC HOLIDAY I 1.65% card fee applies I BYO $10 PER BOTTLE ALLERGY WARNING: Menu items may contain or come into contact with wheat, eggs, nuts, and milk. Ask our staff for more information.